At Immanent,
we are better together.

The immanent solution is a team of technology enthusiasts who have painstakingly gained expertise in various technologies. We understand that intricacies in designing and development could be very complex, but we make it simple yet alluring enough to create a WOW effect.


European Style Work Hours


5 days work week.


Log in: 9 AM, Log out: 6 PM.


Every “extra” hour is fully compensated under over-time policy.


2 Hours Short Leave twice a month.


Immanent has been a career changing decision that has impacted me and my family in a positive manner.


360° Employee Engagement

From Code Jams to Design Boot-camps, Conferences to Festivities, Sports Meets to Philanthropic activities, “Immanentiers” have a knack for always being in the thick of things. We rarely let an occasion of celebration slip through (lol) and our teams are strongly knit by the fabric of “unity in diversity”. We are the front-runners when it comes to the work we do but total slackers after we hang up our boots (lol, again).


Work Hard;


catch(Exception unexpectedFeatureRequestException ){

Handle unexpectedFeatureRequestException;

Party Hard party_hard ;


function1 function2
function3 function4

I was looking for something that offered exposure to the latest technologies and growth for my professional career. I believe Immanent already has and will continue to provide me with ample opportunities.

Software Developer

Pampering Remunerations

Money is King. We understand that. That is why we are one of the best pay-masters in our region. Our average salary payouts are 30% above regional industry standards (*See the graph) and our appraisals are timely and plausible. Want us to tickle your wallet? Join us without a second thought and see your professional growth trajectory soar


I also love the WFO culture at Immanent as I can leave my kid at the playschool and focus on my work here, which is really helping me boost my confidence as a working mom.

Quality Analyst

Ongoing, Regular Skills Training

“Use it or Lose It!”…Everybody knows that! But what most people don’t realize is that the best way to move backward in today’s fast-moving world is to stand still. If you are not constantly upgrading your skills, you are not just “not growing”, you are being edged out by competition. And at Immanent, we never want that for our employees. That is why, we nurture here a learning environment for technocrats just like you which is one of the best, not just in the city but across the state.


I joined Immanent Solutions almost 8 months ago, where each day has been inspiring, motivating, and challenging, which has helped me develop professionally in different areas. I feel very proud of the incredible team, all dedicated and committed, working hard to achieve the most successful Targets.

Digital Marketing Executive

Immanent’s generous and empathetic leave policy helped me recover from my sickness and get back in good shape again. I can’t thank Immanent enough!

Software Developer
100 +

and Ex- Employees

4.7 Stars

on Glassdoor
with 3 Reviews


Employee Tenure

20% Higher

than Industry
Salary Growth


Conducive Infrastructure
and Facilities

You may have heard it many times and we agreed as well. Flashy offices, free coffee, and goodies can not compensate for a bad office work environment. But they can add charm to good work culture :) Isn't?

skill_2 skill_3

Immanent boasts of a sprawling workplace sweetly located at the prime hub of the city’s most promising commercial center. And yes, we have it all covered. Free coffee, snacks, games, fun activities, and relax-ware. Feeling stressed or overworked? Big meeting or client delivery coming up? Just move to the entertainment section and take a much-deserved break to power up your game.

Last but not the least...

Immanent cares for its employees as much as, or perhaps more than its customers. Do you know Why? Because a good team is what gets and then retains customers. Isn't? So, here's the quick list of a few more reasons that will hopefully convince you to work with us


Coolest work environment


We need an excuse to celebrate


Equal opportunity for all


Open hand to Innovation and Creativity


A transparent environment with a compassionate top management

Ready to take your career to the next level?

We have a place reserved for passionate and talented individuals like you.